Free ToneGym’s Music Theory 101 gives you a crash course in Notes, Scales, Intervals, Chords, Rhythm and Notation


Some people want a quick and easy way to learn the basics theory. And, some people spend a lifetime studying music theory – and there’s certainly value in doing that – but if you just want to know the basics, fast, ToneGym’s new crash course could be well worth taking.


Music Theory 101 is a free and interactive resource that takes the subject back to first principles, so you get explainers on notes, scales, intervals, chords, chord progressions, rhythm and musical notation.


Each section is easy to navigate and comes with clickable audio examples, and no prior knowledge or experience is required. There are ear training quizzes and challenges, as well.

You can take the Music Theory 101 course on the ToneGym website now.


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