Free Presonus Studio One 5.5 DAW


PreSonus Studio One 5.5 enables you to get your music release-ready with new mastering and export features


PreSonus has released Studio One 5.5, the latest version of its highly-accomplished DAW. Studio One 5.5 offer some new production features, however, the headline additions are related specifically to mastering, which is available on the mastering-focused Project Page, which now offers track volume, master volume and insert effect plugin parameter automation. This can be written in real-time or using the Paint Tool.


Studio One 5.5 includes Clip Gain Envelopes, which are designed for fixing gain issues without having to pull up your dynamic plugins. The Listen Bus enables you to monitor through room correction plugins or headphone monitoring tools without affecting the master output, while you can free up processing power for complex mastering chains using Track Transform.


Studio One 5.5 new music production feature automatically extracts the chords from any MIDI file you drag onto the Chord Track, and you can now create a strum pattern by dragging notes in a selected chord while holding down modifier keys.


New workflow features, include the option to save automation with mix scenes, and the Plugin Nap feature now works on a per-plugin basis.


The Studio One 5.5 update is a free update for registered Studio One 5 users and is included in the PreSonus Sphere membership. Find out more on the PreSonus website.




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