Free Polyend Tracker v1.7 Update adds Audio Improvements, Improved MIDI Control, User Interface + More

Polyend has released Tracker v1.7, a free update that adds a variety of upgrades to the Tracker’s audio path, user interface and MIDI control.

New in Polyend Tracker v1.7:

  • Audio Improvements:
    • Improved EQ, Compressor and Limiter in Sample Editor
    • New Audio Saturation modes for extra bite
    • Extra Headroom feature for additional clarity
    • Snap to Zero function for easier sample looping
  • MIDI Improvements:
    • Redesigned ‘Clock sync correction’ parameter in MIDI config
    • Improved Internal and MIDI clock stability and minimized jitter
  • User Interface improvements:
    • New Pattern arrangement Config setting: Vertical revolver
    • Pattern step numbering can be set from 0, 1 or hexidecimal
    • Sample Recorder: The physical Rec button starts/stops the recording
  • Improved project management
    • Song mode: Possibility to select and change Tempo with arrow buttons (in Rec mode)
    • Song mode: Empty Slot and Copy Pattern functions added
    • Sample Loader: Possibility to select and change the Preview Volume with arrow buttons
    • Changed access to Instrument Synthesizer page: Instrument Parameters > More
    • Updated text instructions in Config > Firmware update page
    • Sample Recorder: The physical Rec button starts/stops the recording

Polyend Tracker v1.7 firmware is available now as a free download.



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