Free Open-Source, Piano Modelling Plugin

Omnes Sonos, a group of developers creating music plugins in their spare time, have released Piano Forte, a free and open-source virtual instrument that combines artificial intelligence with more traditional DSP and physical modeling approaches.

Piano Forte is available in VST3, Standalone Windows (x64), and LLV2 formats, the plugin uses a dual engine, blending a lightweight neural network and a physical model, to balance efficiency and fidelity. It uses neural networks, trained on piano samples that are available under a Creative Commons license.

“We aimed for a well-rounded, flexible-sounding instrument,” they note. “Download it, use it, and let us know your opinion.”

Piano Forte is available now as a free download. The source is available via Github, and they welcome contributions to improve the instrument.

via Carlos Tarjano

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  1. admin said

    am June 30 2023 @ 6:41 pm

    Pianoteq 8 (now also in iOS version) seems to be the best way to have a piano in a box. It is great to see somebody else working on this technology and I am very happy that Piano Forte is being released as a free plug-in along with the Open-Source code. Let us see where this open-source project will go from a quality point of view. Either way, very good news.

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