Free Mellotron Virtual Instrument, Audiolatry Mel-Lofi, for Mac and Windows


Audiolatry has introduced Mel-Lofi, a free virtual instrument plugin for macOS and Windows.


This virtual instrument is based on the Mellotron samples recorded by Taijiguy, and features a total of 23 presets, distributed across 5 main instrument categories. All the samples were slightly edited and looped for playability.




  • 690 MB extracted size / 590 MB download size
  • 23 instrument presets
  • 4 additional fx layers
  • Attack/release envelope
  • Cutoff for lowpass/highpass filters
  • Global tune
  • Tremolo section
  • Room reverb
  • Global gain and pan


Mel-Lofi is available now as free download, with both VST/VST3 Windows and VST/VST3/AU macOS.





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