Free Hardwell Producer Pack For GarageBand & Logic Pro for iPad

Hardwell has become the latest artist to release a Producer Pack for the iOS versions of GarageBand and Logic Pro for iPad. His free content bundle includes more than 400 Apple Loops, five drum kits, more than 40 Alchemy synth patches and a Live Loops grid, all ready to be used in Apple’s mobile music-making apps.

“I’ve never shared my sound design secrets,” says Hardwell, but with his free Apple Producer Pack for GarageBand iOS and Logic Pro for iPad, he’s breaking that habit.

Dutch DJ/producer Hardwell has established himself as one of the biggest names in big-room EDM, collaborating with a slew of famous artists, remixing the likes of Rihanna and Coldplay and headlining festivals around the world.

“I’m obsessed with making kick drums,” says the Dutch EDM maven, and now he’s giving you a load of them to use in your own music.

Looking back across his career, Hardwell says: “When I started as a producer, the samples never sounded the way I heard them in my head, so from that point on I started developing my sound design skills. I just started to watch tutorials, read about it; how compressors work and all that, and making my own samples, especially kick drums. I’m obsessed with making kick drums.”

Hardwell goes on to explain that, in dance music, the kick drum is the “fundamental of the whole song,” adding that, “writing chords and melodies, I’m not thinking ‘oh, those chords should be really next level, something that people have never heard before’, so it can something really familiar or something really new, as long as the emotion is there.”

One his collaboration with Apple, Hardwell adds that “I’ve never shared my sound design secrets – this is the first time I’ve released a proper sample pack. If you’re a beginner and you download this pack, just start messing around with it. Everything is set to go – you can just drag and drop loops and use them in all your productions.”

You can download the hardwell Producer Pack from inside the iOS versions of GarageBand and Logic Pro for iPad. For more information visit this link.

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