Free 3D Audio Panning, Transpanner 2, Coming February 29th

Transpanner 2 updates the original version with an intuitive polar pad interface and a redesigned processing engine. This free plugin uses “psychoacoustic wizardry” to pan any sound in 360 degrees and recreate immersive audio using a stereo monitor set-up.

Immersive audio is growing increasingly popular, and those of us without access to an immersive soundsystem need not miss out on its three-dimensional charms, thanks to technologies that mimic the experience of 3D sound using conventional stereo speakers and headphones.

A new free plugin from Artists in DSP promises to do just that. Transpanner 2 uses “psychoacoustic wizardry” based on transaural and ambiophonic processing to reproduce the effect of a three-dimensional speaker array using stereo monitors, allowing you to pan any signal in 360 degrees.

Open up Transpanner and you’ll be invited to calibrate the plugin to work with your monitors through a process described in the video above. Transpanner’s second iteration has a redesigned XY-pad interface based around a set of concentric circles they’ve dubbed the Polar Pad.

Moving the cursor around the pad’s centre allows you to determine the angle of the sound, while moving the cursor inward and outward from the centre adjusts the distance of the sound. Automate these parameters and you’ll be able to quickly and easily create a 3D effect that sounds as if your synth patch is swooping around your head.

Transpanner 2 is available now in VST3/AU formats. The plugin is donationware, so while its free, Artists in DSP is accepting donations in return for its download, if you’re feeling generous.

Visit Artists in DSP website to find out more and download Transpanner 2.

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