Focusrite Adds FAST Balancer to its AI-Powered Fast Plugin Series, And it is Free for Existing Focusrite and Novation Customers


The Collective from Focusrite has announced FAST Balancer — a plugin they say is designed for bringing tracks to life, with an AI-driven EQ and simplified controls.


This “instant EQ” joins earlier offerings of FAST Verb, FAST Equaliser, FAST Compressor, and FAST Reveal.


One-click, instant EQ. Using Fast Balancer, music makers can have excellent sounding vocals and instruments in seconds. With trouble-free controls, even the less-experienced user’s track will become release quality.


Balanced by AI. The AI-powered plugin is trained on over 500,000 real-world audio files stemming from vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and more.  FAST Balancer analyzes the user’s audio — taking all of its knowledge — and applies unique settings with the instrument profile in mind. Users can balance the frequency spectrum of their voice and instruments in one click, having them polished instantly to a professional-sounding mix, without needing to tweak settings.


Set the tone, instantly. Users can set the tone that’s right for the instrument, then select how much of FAST Balancer’s EQ is affecting the track audio with the Intensity slider. From strong to subtle, position the slider to what sounds best for the track, and get a frequency balanced mix on the fly. Users can choose between Warm, Neutral, and Bright to add an instant flavour to their instruments so that they can capture the mood for their mix and stay in the creative flow.



FAST Balancer is free for Focusrite- and Novation-registered hardware owners via the customer portal. For customers who are not registered, the plugin is available for $49.99/€49.99/£39.99.


Find out more info on the Focusrite website.




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