Elektron Digitakt v1.50 adds Sample Playback Machines and More


Elektron has released Digitakt firmware v1.50, a free update for the 8-voice digital drum computer and sampler that adds four different Machines, each with their own flavor:

  • Repitch for automatic classic beat-matching;
  • Werp for a little quirky old-school way of time warping;
  • Slice – to chop up your audio and placing the pieces back in any order you like; and
  • Oneshot, the default Machine for playing your sample forward, backward or looped.


In addition, the update adds a new way to record your samples. You can now set a fixed number of steps for your recording. And, Sample Rate Reduction that can be inserted before or after the filter.


What’s new in Digitakt 1.50:

  • Added sample playback enhancements by implementing sample playback machines that add features such as warping and sample slicing.
  • Added Sample Rate Reduction functionality that can be routed either post- or pre-filter.
  • Decreased the encoder sensitivity when changing MIDI parameters.
  • Improved the filter type switching to reduce the amount of unwanted audio artifacts that could occur.
  • Added the functionality to record loops based on the current BPM when sampling or re-sampling.
  • Previewing a sample or a recording while on a MIDI track is now possible by letting it be previewed on the neighbouring audio track.


Find out more Digitakt 1.50 on the Elektron website and share your thoughts on the update in the comments!

Update: Here’s a deep dive into the updated OS via Dave Mech:


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