Electro-Harmonix Intelligent Harmony Machine Automatically Creates Diatonic Harmonies


Electro-Harmonix has introduced the Intelligent Harmony Machine Harmonizer / Pitch Shifter Pedal, a pitch-shifting harmonizer that enable you automatically create diatonic two- and three-part harmonies.


Diatonic harmonies or chords are ones based on the standard notes of the scale in a key.


The Intelligent Harmony Machine also performs polyphonic pitch shifts, so the pitch shifts you dial up are applied to chords as well as single notes. A Major/Minor switch lets you select whether 2nds and 3rds will be major or minor.




  • Compact harmony generating & pitch-shifting
  • “Impeccable” tracking and musical tone
  • Two distinct modes: Intelligent Harmony and Polyphonic
  • Intelligent Harmony Mode generates diatonic harmonies in a set key based on the single notes you play. Key Selector and #/- switches provide access to all 12 keys
  • In Polyphonic Override Mode you can play single notes and chords. The IHM’s 11-position Interval Selector switch lets you select the harmony
  • In Momentary Mode the effect is only active when the footswitch is depressed. Choose from instant shifts or set the time it takes the signal to sweep up and down
  • Mix control sets the mix between your dry and shifted signals. Dry output adds signal routing and control options and flexibility
  • Comes equipped with an EHX 9 Volt power supply, can also run on 9 Volt battery


The Intelligent Harmony Machine is available now for $230.





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