Elastic Melody, ‘Melodic Sibling’ of Elastic Drums Now Available

Developer Oliver Greschke has introduced Elastic Melody, a 3-track synthesizer and sequencer.

The focus of Elastic Melody is on fast and intuitive creation of melodies with a distinctive ‘analog’ sound.

Each of the synthesizers has its own sequencer, with independent sequence start/end and step len/speed, letting you create polyrythmic sequences. In the master section there are 4 effects (EQ, Chorus/Flanger, Delay, Reverb). And all parameters of a synthesizer and master effects can be automated.

A song screen gives you the option of arranging several patterns into a longer piece of music (song). Patterns can be moved and rearranged, including the number of repetitions.



– 3 tracks, each with an analog subtractive OSC that is connected to an associated sequencer

– Every track sequencer has its own start/end/timing parameter (allowing polyrhythms)

– 14 parameters per synth engine (waveform, lowpass, highpass, env, etc.)

– For each parameter, value changes can be drawn in an automation window

– Solo or mute function for the 3 synth channels


– 4 master effects (EQ, Chorus, Delay, Reverb)

– Automation for most parameters of the effects

– Master FX has its own start/end and timing parameters for automation


– Arrange several Pattern to a longer sequence … a Song

– Repeat count for Song Elements/Pattern

– Duplicate/Rename/Delete function for Pattern and Song Elements


– Undo / Redo

– Various randomize functions

– option to share and import presets

– AUv3 support

– Ableton Link support

Elastic Melody is available now for $6.99 / €7.99 / £ 6.99




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