Dirty LA is a Free Compressor VST Plugin


Dirty LA is a free compressor plugin that channels the LA-2A and other vintage limiting amps. Bedroom Producers Blog promises a free and easy route to musical compression with a touch of grit.


Bedroom Producers Blog is back on the free plugin trail with the release of BPB Dirty LA, a VST/AU compressor that’s based on vintage limiting amps such as the LA-2A.


Dirty LA features – musical-sounding compression, a streamlined workflow and a simple user interface. There’s also a Dirt algorithm to provide saturation with gentle transient reduction.


By default, Dirty LA gives you a relatively fast attack time and moderate compression ratio, but if you engage the limiting mode you can get a faster attack time and a higher compression ratio. You can also use the plugin to provide ‘mix glue’ on the master bus.


When Dirt mode is engaged, Dirty LA uses 4X internal oversampling, but this is bypassed when Dirt is switched off to reduce CPU usage.

You can get your free download of BPB Dirty LA now on the Bedroom Producers Blog website.

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