Denon DJ releases SC Live 2, SC Live 4 DJ Controllers


Denon DJ drops SC Live controllers: DJ without a laptop and mix tracks direct from Amazon Music Unlimited.

Denon DJ has just launched the new free-roaming SC Live DJ controllers – the SC Live 4 and SC Live 2 – both of which enable you to mix tracks direct from Amazon Music Unlimited. The standalone, WiFi-enabled devices also have built-in speakers.

These controllers are the first to offer integration with the Jeff Bezos empire’s music streaming service, and feature an “exclusive secure chipset to meet Amazon’s music streaming requirements”. Cloak and dagger stuff; Denon could tell us how it works, but then it would have to kill us.

Both the SC Live 4 and SC Live 2 enable you to access a library of more than 100 million lossless songs (providing you have an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription and a Wi-Fi connection). Song analysis is said to be speedy, so selecting and playing tracks mid-set would not be a problem.

The SC Live 4 and SC Live 2 inherit their “club-standard” layout and workflow from Denon’s flagship SC6000 Prime media players and mixers, with each offering a seven-inch multi-gesture touchscreen, SD and USB media slots and performance FX. You can use a combination of songs stored on physical media and from a streaming service during the same performance.

To ensure completely standalone operation, both SC Live controllers have a set of built-in speakers. And, you can turn these off when you are hooked up to a bigger system.

The SC Live 2 and SC Live 4 available now cost $1,099 and $1,299 respectively. Find out more on the Denon DJ website.

Specifications for both controllers are below.

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