Dada Life Secret Sauce ‘Tasty Treats for your DAW’

‘It smears out the sound like ketchup on a mayo sandwich’: move over, Sausage Fattener, because Dada Life is now serving its Secret Sauce bundle – Three easy-to-use plugins that are designed to give your music a hefty dash of sonic seasoning.

The Dada Life Secret Sauce bundle is a new EDM-friendly collection of 3 plug-ins with a reverb, a pitch riser effect, and a stereo widener.

Famed for their much-loved Sausage Fattener plugin, which also was licensed from developer Tailored Noise, Swedish duo Dada Life are now giving you access to their Secret Sauce. This takes the form of a three-plugin bundle that contains a reverb, a riser effect and a stereo widener.

The term secret sauce is often used to describe that almost intangible stardust that the best producers seem capable of sprinkling on their tracks, but Dada Life seem to think that they’ve managed to distil this into something practical and real. “They say you should never give away the secret ingredient,” they explain. “Well, we just did!”

The first cab off the Secret Sauce rank is Space-In-Your-Face, a reverb plugin that’s “just wider and better than the rest”. This is an enhanced version of the reverb that was included in Dada Life’s Endless Smile plugin, and can range in size from small to huge.

Eternal Return can take your risers and buildups higher (quite literally, by the sounds of it), while Wide Awake Rainbow is a stereo widener that “smears out the sound like ketchup on a mayo sandwich”.

Each plugin has just a couple of knobs, so it’s about tweaking to taste rather than calling up presets.

The Secret Sauce bundle runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU formats and is available now priced at $39. You can grab it now on the Dada Life website.

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