Crum Drum, New DIY Beat Box features 4-Voices and Randomization

Crum Drum is a new DIY 4-voice drum machine. with built in randomization and probability.

Rhythms can be created and manipulated using the internal random sequencer or externally via MIDI USB. Press the beat button to generate new rhythms, adjust the probability to create continuous variations, and increase the randomness to modulate the sound of your beats! Generated sequences can also be sent out via MIDI, and Crum Drum can also sync via analog clock in and out.

The 4 – voices of Crum Drum are Kick, Snare, HiHat and Bass (FM). There are 8 parameters knobs to sculpt the character of each voice, allowing for wide variety of tones. It is easy to create varied and organic sequences by adding modulation via the Probability and Randomness controls. Probability sets the chance that the selected voice will play per step of the sequence, while randomness increases the parameter modulation for each voice. The higher the randomness, the more each instrument parameter is modulated per step.

The INST knob is used to select which voice is active for editing as indicated by the four LEDs. All instrument parameters can be edited independently per voice, and when the INST knob is turned all the way to the left, all LEDs will light up and it’s possible to control all four voices simultaneously.

The BPM knob sets the tempo of the internal sequencer, and becomes a clock divider if an external clock is being used (MIDI or analog). The Step switch sets the length of the internal sequence between 16, 32 or 28 steps.

Press the beat button to generate new rhythms – when the Beat button is pressed it will generate a new sequence for the current step of the currently selected voice. To generate an entirely new sequence, select all voices & press down the button for the duration of the entire sequence length.

In addition, Crum Drum features four global effects: Overdrive, Reverb, Delay and Swing. The delay-time is tempo synced and the subdivided differently dependent on the BPM.

Power is provided via micro usb cable (not included).


  • 4 instruments: Kick, Snare, HiHat, Bass
  • 8 sound parameters per instrument
  • Overdrive, Reverb, Delay & Swing
  • Send & Recieve Analog & Midi clock
  • Send & Receive Midi sequencing
  • Randomized and probability based sequencing

Crum Drum is available now for £165.83 (Excl. VAT).

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