Cableguys new Shaper plugin brings the Noise, including presets from BT and InsideInfo



Cableguys has now officially announced NoiseShaper, which the company is calling a “dynamic noise designer” plugin.


NoiseShaper features “production-ready” noise sources from the likes of BT, Cyclick and InsideInfo, this enables you to layer these samples onto any sound with a single click. What is more, the built-in dynamic control means that NoiseShaper can react to your music, ‘breathing’ with every beat.


Included noise types include vinyl crackle, electric fizz, console and cassette hiss, bubbling water, retro equipment hum and more. What’s more, you can apply noise when and where where it’s required using the modulation tools – Follow mode syncs it to the beat, while Duck mode fills in the gaps.


In addition, users can also target specific mix elements and design your own rhythmic noise patterns with the drawable LFOs.


NoiseShaper runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats.


Find out more on the Cableguys website.


NoiseShaper is currently available the intro price of $34/€29. It is also available as part of the ShaperBox 2 bundle, which comes with seven other Shapers, as well.




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