BPB releases Dirty Filter Plus – Free Filter/Distortion Plugin


The Plus version of the free BPB Dirty Filter plugin offers more flavours of filth and increased control


The free Dirty Filter plugin released two years ago. Now, Bedroom Producers Blog has released a ‘Plus’ version. This is a completely overhauled edition of the original version of this dual filter and multimode distortion plugin that gives you four Dirt Modes, separate Slope controls for the filters, a compressor module and a new, resizable GUI.


The original BPB Dirty Filter Plus Dirt mode is now joined by three more. Acid is said to sound similar to the way your recordings would “if sprinkled with acid”; Dust promises an instant lo-fi sound; and Cyber reduces the bit depth and sampling rate to give you a bitcrushed tone.


Now comes with four dirt modes, separate Slope controls and a compressor. As before, you can ramp up the distortion and filter intensity with the Dirt knob, but with those four modes to choose from, you now have more potential flavours to work with. Slope controls for both the high- and low-pass filters enable you to keep one filter transparent and make the other more aggressive.


The compressor is “highly transparent” and suitable for glueing your signal together, increasing loudness and bringing out detail without comprising the transients.

Designed to be used both subtly and at more aggressive settings, BPB Dirty Filter Plus can be downloaded for free, though it’s actually a ‘pay what you want’ product with a suggested price of $5. So, if you loved the first one or plan on using it a lot, consider making a donation.

Find out more and do the download dance on the Bedroom Producers Blog website.


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