BITPUNK by JMG Sound is an aggressive new bit-mangling tool

Bitpunk is an aggressive new bit-mangling tool that promises “the raw energy of digital degradation”

JMG Sound – via United Plugins – has introduced Bitpunk, a new digital degradation tool that is billed as “the ultimate audio plugin for bit manipulation.”

Bitpunk enables you to swap and morph bits between two channels (A and B), each of which can contain a different audio source. In addition, there are also plenty of further bit-mangling effects, plus master compression, saturation and a hard clipper.

We are told that the plugin can be used both to subtly enhance and thoroughly destroy your audio.

The GUI calls to mind a piece of circuit-broken hardware, which seems apt given Bitpunk’s destructive ambitions. It runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats, and is currently available for €19 (regular price will be €79).

If you buy BITPUNK you get Synthpunk Sounds for Bitpunk worth €29 for free. Find out more and download a 15-day demo on the United Plugins website.

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