Berlin School Sounds for Korg Wavestate Synthesizer

Thomas Hammer, sound designer of Waveformer has introduced the Berlin School and Ambient Construction Kit Vol 3, their 3rd Berlin School inspired Wavestate sound library.

They shared this extended video preview, which offers over an hour of audio demos, and showcases how the library goes beyond sounds to include powerful Performances that can create layered, interlocking sequences.

The sound library is designed with both the Wavestate hardware synthesizer and with the Wavestate Native software plug-in. It features 21 original Performances. All Performances contain four Layers with multiple Lanes of Wave Sequences, designed to be easy to tweak and reshape as you play them live.

Most of the Layers use Arpeggiators, which interact with the Wave Sequences to transform the rhythm, pitch, timbre and dynamics of the notes from the Arpeggiator. The individual Layers in a Performance are designed so they work well together and can also stand alone.

The accompanying user manual describes each Performance in detail, with a guide to both playing and twisting knobs. It also includes tips and tricks for the Wavestate and some insights into how the Performances were designed. Berlin School and Ambient Construction Kit Vol 3 is available now for $9.

Video Timings:

00:00:00 – Intro / WF3 Wavetrain

00:02:39 – WF3 Wide Binary

00:06:21 – WF3 Memory of a Dream

00:10:04 – WF3 Vortex

00:14:05 – WF3 Northern Lights

00:17:46 – WF3 Ethereal Nebular Drift

00:22:39 – WF3 Chronosphere Flux

00:25:16 – WF3 Black Hole Tide

00:27:50 – WF3 December Snow

00:34:05 – WF3 Gamma Ray Bursts

00:36:15 – WF3 Graviton Waves

00:38:55 – WF3 Heisenberg

00:43:49 – WF3 Kuiper Belt

00:47:53 – WF3 Magnetar Flares

00:54:03 – WF3 November Melancholy

00:56:47 – WF3 Oort Cloud

00:59:56 – WF3 Remembering Earth

01:05:19 – WF3 Snowing on Jupiter

01:09:56 – WF3 Stargazers Trail

01:13:20 – WF3 Strange Attractors

01:16:17 – WF3 Theseus Surveyor



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