Behringer says “in the air tonight” looks like is working on a clone of Roland CR-78 drum machine



Behringer has dropped a strong hint that the company is working on a clone of Roland CR-78 drum machine – as used by Phil Collins on his 1981 mega-hit In The Air Tonight.


In a Facebook post reveals just the barebones images, with Behringer encouraging its followers to “guess the product”. The clue – “in the air tonight” – seems much gives the game away as far as we are concerned, which is probably the whole point.



Released in 1978, the Roland CR-78 used analogue synthesis to generate its 14 delicate sounds, and was used by a number of drummers – including Phil Collins – alongside their real kits. It came with a number of preset rhythms; programming of your own was possible, but required additional, inconvenient hardware. We are assuming Behringer’s version will not follow this blueprint.


Though the CR-78 has never enjoyed the high-profile and popularity of some of Roland’s other drum machines, but it’s certainly got its fans. As usual with Behringer, we have no idea when this knockoff – if that’s what it is – will be released or how much it will cost, but we are assuming we shall find out more in due course.





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