Behringer Brings Back Legendary ‘90s Analogue Filter/Envelope, Mutronics Mutator

Today, Behringer announced plans for a Euro-format copy of the Mutronics Mutator stereo filter bank.

What they say about it:

“We’re now finalizing our exciting Mutator product and are collaborating closely with the original designer to ensure its authenticity and quality.

The Mutator is a legendary analog filter and envelope follower that gained prominence in the ’90s, known for its unique ability to transform sounds in creative and dynamic ways. It’s been a favorite tool for many musicians and producers, offering rich, warm analog filtering with the ability to create complex modulations and effects.”

Demo of the original Mutator in action from synthesist Alex Ball:

After some deliberation, Behringer has decided to create a desktop version of the Mutator that can also be rack-mounted, and it will also be Eurorack-ready. Details on the Behringer Mutator are still to be announced.


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