Bastl Instruments Releases Outsidify for iPhone

This iOS app from Bastl Instruments uses your phone’s mic and speaker to capture resonances and generate feedback

Bastl Instruments – Czech manufacturer is known for making quirky, affordable and portable synths and noisemaking machines and just a few weeks ago, it announced the release of the Kastle ARP, a ‘pocket-sized patchable synthbox’ geared towards producing buzzy arpeggiated melodies.

What Bastl isn’t well-known for is developing software, hence our surprise when we discovered that the manufacturer had announced the release of an iPhone app. Though it is the first software, we are all for it, especially as it looks like one of the most unique sound-making apps we have come across in a minute.

Outsidify uses your phone to turn the outside world into an effects processor: “The world is your resonator”

Outsidify uses your phone’s speaker and microphone to create feedback loops and capture resonances from the world around you. You can create feedback using the sounds in your environment or load audio clips into Outsidify to be played through the onboard sample player.

Feeding the phone’s output back into its input, you can change the tone and feedback amount via an XY pad and delay the sound from the mic using the delay slider. In addition to playing back samples, the player can loop them, chop them up and adjust sample playback speed from 0.25x to 4x.

Load up sounds into the app, pop your phone inside anything that will resonate or reflect the sound it produces – pop it in a coffee mug or even point the speaker into your mouth – and you’re able to record a layer of resonance on top of any sample. This effectively turns your phone into a kind of effects processor that uses the world around you to manipulate any sound you like.

Outsidify can also capture impulse responses, so you’re able to capture the acoustic profile of any space and recreate this later using convolution reverb plugins like Logic’s Space Designer.


  • Player

— for replaying your files

— loop

— adjustable start and end points

— ¼ to 4x speed slider

— crop/uncrop

  • Recorder

— for recording and replaying sounds

— mix crossfader between the microphone and the player

— save wav files (export to files, airdrop, apps etc.)

— adjustable start and end points

— copy the recording buffer directly to player

— speed-match recording (re-adjusts the recorded speed proportionally to the speed set in the player, preserving the pitch)

  • Feedback pad with amount and tone
  • Delay of the microphone going back to the feedback
  • Timer macros

— set countdown time

— record trigger

— play & record trigger

— capture impulse response

Outsidify is priced at $5.99 and runs on iOS 15.2 and above on iPhone 6S and later. The app is available now from the App Store. Find out more on Bastl Instruments website.




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