Auto Fills, New App Creates Unique Drum Fills Automatically

Developer Cem Olcay let us know that he has released a new iOS and macOS/Apple Silicon app, Auto Fills, designed specifically for generating unique drum fills.

“Auto Fills is a random MIDI generator for creating drum fills. You can generate drum fills for your drum synth apps or hardware quickly and let it roll every once in a while. It works on iOS and Apple Silicon.”

It works as an Audio Unit AUv3 plugin, with supported host apps, such as AUM, Loopy Pro, Logic Pro, Cubasis, Nanostudio, apeMatrix etc.

In Auto Fills, you are working with a drum kit. You can either create the kit by adding drum parts and assigning them MIDI notes/channels yourself, or you can select a kit template from the settings menu for an app or hardware for quick setup.

In Kit mode, you can assign a probability value to each drum part.

In Velocity mode, you can assign a velocity to each drum part, and you can also introduce velocity variety for them.

In Duration mode, you can set the drum fill length as well as the waiting time before and/or after the drum fill, in beats or bars.

If you’ve set “wait before the fill” and/or “wait after the fill” durations in the Duration mode, the drum fill won’t be played during the waiting periods.

An example of Auto Fills in action:

Auto Fills Drum Fill Generator is available now for $5.99

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