Apple celebrates its contribution to music with a unique track made from 45 years of Apple sounds


Can you make a tune out of the Mac startup sound and the click of an iPod wheel?


Apple put music front and centre at today’s launch event, which saw the arrival of brightly-colored HomePod minis, new AirPods, a Dolby Atmos-toting update to Logic Pro and, of course, those new M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros.


The company also celebrated its contribution to music production by giving us Start Up, a new track made from 45 years of Apple sounds.


This clever composition – created in Logic Pro, obviously – comes from artist-producer AG Cook, who created the track using just (deep breath) the following noises:


  • iMac G3 Startup
  • MacBook Pro Startup
  • AirPods Case Closing
  • iOS Alert
  • HomePod Minimum Volume
  • iPod Click Wheel
  • Note Alert
  • Email Whoosh
  • MagSafe Charger
  • Night Owl Ringtone
  • HomePod Nope
  • HomePod PingPong
  • Mac 2020 Alert
  • Empty Trash
  • Message Sent
  • Message Received
  • HomePod Device Identify
  • iPhone Keyboard
  • Airdrop Invite
  • Mac Sosumi
  • Apple Pay


Watch the video and listen, and see how many you can spot.




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