Akai Pro brings Automatic Stem Separation to MPC

Akai Pro promises “a new era in sampling” as it brings stem separation to its MPC platform.

Akai Pro has announced that it is bringing MPC Stems ‘unmixing’ technology to the MPC.

“With MPC Stems, Akai Pro opens Pandora’s box, seamlessly integrating stems separation into the Iconic MPC workflow.

This innovation not only delivers superior sound quality but also enhances the speed of the sampling process, ushering producers and beat makers into a new era of sampling creativity.”

The preview video above indicates that the MPC Stems feature enables you to crack open a mixed sample or song and separate the vocals, bass, drums and one ‘other’ track. These stems are then assigned to a pad and you can adjust their respective levels.

It will also be possible to assign sample slices to different pads and isolate specific parts of the original track, so you can then ‘play’ the separated stems to create something entirely new.

Find out more and sign up to be notified when MPC Stems launches (some time in March, we’re told) on the Akai Pro website.


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