Vochlea Intros Dubler 2 voice-to-MIDI software


Vochlea’s Dubler Studio Kit is a realtime voice-to-MIDI package that comprised a software application and bespoke USB microphone.


You can sing your way to success with the Dubler 2 voice-to-MIDI software.


Vochlea is following-up the Dubler Studio Kit with Dubler 2, an improved software-only offering.


Update adds standalone operation so you can use it without a DAW.


As before, the idea is that you can record your musical ideas by ‘vocalising’ them; example-rather than using a keyboard or pad controller, but there’s more to Dubler 2 than audio to MIDI conversion.


You can also trigger samples, control synths, play chords, manipulate filters and effects, lock to a key, track pitch, bend pitch and control envelopes, velocity and MIDI mapping values simultaneously.


Unlike Dubler Studio Kit, Dubler 2 can also be used completely standalone – it includes a selection of synth presets and an 808 sample pack, so you can ‘play it’ without the need for any other software. You’ll still need to connect it to a DAW if you want to record, though.


In addition, there is a new UI, which is said to be more intuitive, while the rebuilt audio engine promises to be lighter on CPU. You can control external MIDI hardware, as well.


Users can now use their own microphone, though Dubler 2 can still be purchased with Vochlea’s own USB mic if you purchase the updated Studio Kit.


Compatible with PC and Mac, Dubler 2 is available now priced at £189. An upgrade from the original Dubler costs £59, and there is also a 7-day trial version.


The Dubler Studio Kit 2 is available for pre-order priced at £249, with delivery expected to be in November.


Find out more on the Vochlea website.



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