Synesthesia Mandala V3 Drum Pad Control System Now Available to Pre-Order

MandalaDrum let us know that orders are now open for a limited production run of the Mandala V3 drum pad control system.

They say that the Mandala’s multi-layer internal design provides an optimized playing feel and is topped with surface art depicting concentric strike zones and 128 high resolution detection rings.


  • 4 surface triggers and 9 rim triggers (polyphonic), velocity sensitive
  • All triggers can be held and sustained
  • Continuous pressure output for surface (0-127 soft to hard)
  • Continuous pressure output for rims (0-127 soft to hard)
  • Continuous slide output for surface (0-127 center to edge)
  • Surface strike position output (0-127 center to edge)
  • No false triggers or crosstalk
  • Zero discernible latency (600 microseconds)
  • USB-B (plug-and-play) and 5-pin MIDI output for playability out-of-the-box with your favorite software and hardware.
  • Interchangeable hardware module system for future expandability
  • Mounts easily to existing drum hardware (L-Rods/L-Arms up to 10.5mm)
  • Floating rim section component for trigger isolation
  • Multi-layer sub-surface design for enhanced feel and low strike noise
  • Playable with sticks or hands/fingers
  • Fully configurable MIDI output with preset saving by way of the V3-Utility app (for advanced users)


The Mandala v3 is available to pre-order for $599, with shipping estimated for June 2024.


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