ROLI teases ‘Reimagined, Refined and Re-Engineered’ Seaboard Keyboard



ROLI has released a one-minute video, teasing the upcoming debut of a new Seaboard keyboard.


The ROLI Seaboard keyboard is a unique MIDI controller that gives you deep polyphonic control of compatible synthesizers. ROLI’s Seaboard devices give you five types of expressive control:


  • Strike corresponds to the MIDI message of note-on velocity;
  • Press to aftertouch or pressure;
  • Glide to pitch bend;
  • Slide to CC 74; and
  • Lift to note-off (release) velocity.



ROLI’s teaser promises an updated take on the Seaboard keyboard:


“A Legend returns. Better than ever before.


An iconic instrument that revolutionized music-making forever. Now reimagined, refined and re-engineered for ultimate musical expression. Be the first to experience the next generation of Seaboard.”



The future of ROLI’s professional line of MPE controllers has been in question recently, because of the company’s recent bankruptcy and reorganization as Luminary. The company had also focused much of its energy on creating products with a broader audience.


Details are to come in March 2022.





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