Roger Linn on creating the LinnStrument

Guitarist, songwriter and instrument designer Roger Linn (LinnDrum, MPC, Tempest) shared this video, telling the story of the creation of the LinnStrument.

Linn discusses the impetus for creating the LinnStrument, the instrument’s design, and the actual physical construction of the instrument.

LinnStrument is a unique expressive MIDI controller that builds on stringed instrument performance technique. The instrument senses your fingers’ subtle movements in five ways:

  • Strike Velocity
  • Pressure (Z)
  • Left-right (X)
  • Front-back (Y)
  • Release Velocity

This enables for much more expressive control than is possible with most MIDI controllers.

The LinnStrument, along with the Haken Continuum, showcases the expressive potential of moving beyond traditional MIDI controllers and has paved the way for more expressive keyboard synthesizers, like the Expressive E Osmose and Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth.

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