Nektar Technology announces the new Impact LX Mini, its most powerful Mini MIDI keyboard yet


Nektar’s new Impact LX Mini is a small MIDI keyboard with a deceptively big feature set.


The 25-note controller offers drum pads, knobs and dual arpeggiators, promising everything you need to play, perform and produce on the move,


The controller is built around 25-note velocity-sensitive keys, with a joystick giving you hands-on pitchbend and modulation control.


There are two independent arpeggiators, eight LED drum pads and eight knobs plus a volume control. Most controls are MIDI-assignable. The keys and pads have their own arpeggio and note repeat engines, meaning that you can trigger different ‘rhythmical figures’ with each, and on different MIDI channels if you wish. Parameters for these engines can be adjusted with the knobs.

In addition, there’s also the Part 2 performance feature, which can be used for momentary setup changes. Press and hold one of the two dedicated buttons and you can instantly transpose the keyboard, switch to another MIDI channel or layer a second sound – release it and you will return to the original setup.


The Impact LX Mini also offers integration with popular DAWs – you can control your transport, navigate tracks/projects and open/close DAW and plugin windows. Instrument mode enables you control of up to 16 parameters per plugin; all assignments can be stored and then recalled.


The software bundle included features the Bitwig 8-Track DAW and the Bitwig Essentials content package. This contains loops, samples and more than 50 software instruments and effects.


The Impact LX Mini available now price at $82.55 (normally $120/£100/€120).


Find out more on the Nektar Technology website.





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