midiphy MatriX Graphical MIDI Sequencer and Isomorphic Keyboard now Available



midiphy has announced the availability of the MatriX Graphical MIDI Sequencer and Isomorphic Keyboard.


midiphy MatriX extends existing midiphy (or MIDIbox) sequencers with a large 17×17 button/LED matrix for graphical sequencing and more. The grid can also be used as an isomorphic sequencer to control your MIDI instruments.



The intro video above, covers these topics:


00:03 Introducing the midiphy MatriX

00:50 Graphical Sequence Composition

01:44 Editing Notes and Joystick Composition

02:38 Clip Navigation and Grid Modes

03:34 High-Res Edits and Quantization

04:20 Isomorphic Keys: Pentatonic Intermezzo

04:51 Macro Screen (LoopA Comannd Center)

08:02 Force-To-Scale (and Note Color Labels)

09:01 Scale Mode

10:01 Isomorphic Keys Tip: Geometric Playing

10:48 Keys Mode Controllers

12:29 Outro: Six Track Jam





  • 289 (17×17) RGB-backlit and light|shielded mechanical keys with custom keycaps for optimal light dispersion.
  • Full-color 128×128 high-end OLED display running at 60Hz for info and graphical sequence/clip previewing.
  • Extra sliders and buttons for parameter entry and additional functions.
  • Two bidirectional MIDI ports and a dedicated button to switch between them.
  • Dedicated navigation joystick for moving selections, scrolling through clips/sequences and more!
  • High-performance STM32F4 MCU using RTOS as a software base for a responsive and fluid user experience.
  • Full midiphy SEQ v4+ and MIDIbox SEQ v4 support – compatible with existing BLM 16×16+X protocol.
  • Enhanced LoopA support: advanced editor with note color mapping and pan/zoom controls (microtiming), 160 scales (with note quantization), reassignable isomorphic keyboard and performance controls.


midiphy MatriX is available now as a DIY kit for 1,189.99 € (includes VAT). Outside of the EU, the MatriX essential kit (without VAT) is 999,99€, with free shipping for the first batch.









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