M-Audio CTRL 49

M-Audio CTRL49 | Premium 49-Key USB MIDI Smart Keyboard Controller

The M-Audio CTRL 49 is a next generation Controller keyboard which boasts the revolutionary ability to load, play and control any VST from a stunning color screen, as if the CTRL 49 is a fully-fledged Synthesizer with the ability to emulate any synth in your arsenal!

The M-Audio CTRL 49 is part MIDI keyboard and controller, part DAW controller and part virtual instrument controller. The CTRL 49 comprises a 49-key semi-weighted synth action keyboard with pitch-bend and modulation, together with a top panel featuring four main sections.

On the left are nine faders and 11 colored backlit fader buttons that use Mackie Control/HUI protocol for DAW control. On the right are eight rotary encoders, eight backlit switches and eight pressure and velocity sensitive backlit pads (with four pad banks), and these controls can transmit either regular MIDI CC data or be used for bespoke instrument editing.

VIP not only hosts VST instruments but also the VST effect you apply. To map individual instruments and effects VIP includes its own VST plug-in manager, and this does a full scan when you first load VIP. Once complete you get access to all your instruments and effects from inside VIP, including editing of controller assignments and direct editing of your plug-ins using their interfaces.

Over on the CTRL49 when you select Control mode you will find your instrument parameters auto-mapped across four banks of eight rotary controllers and buttons. Via the CTRL49 display you can also edit the assignments as well as page through and select plug-in and instrument presets. It all works really well, and if you want to come out of VIP Control mode and use the CTRL49 as a regular MIDI controller, you simply select MIDI mode. In addition, there is an additional software package included as well.

With that incredible screen as its flagship feature, and the ability to integrate with your soft synths and DAW, the M-Audio CTRL 49 Controller keyboard is a major triumph and the perfect hub of your studio!

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