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A USB powered keyboard. The new Korg microKey is a Compact Keyboard Controller. The microKey features 37 mini-keys Natural Touch keyboard, Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels, dual USB ports, microKey’s Software License Bundle; M1 Le Software, EzDrummer Lite and Lounge Lizard Session.

Regardless, whether you are scouting for a compact keyboard or a powerful and versatile controller which you can pack with your laptop, the Korg microKey is the ideal choice. The perfect choice for controlling your computer music software whether in production or in performance. The microKey double up as a USB hub. The dual USB ports – Type A, allows user to daisy chain other or additional USB devices. Additionally, the USB powered keyboard controller is compatible with any computer music software hence, enable you to creates your own compact and customized command center.

The 37 – keys Natural Touch Mini-Keyboard has been acclaimed for its ease of playing. The proportion of the black keys and white “waterfall” keys have been adjusted so that chords , glissandos and rapid-fire phrases are comfortable to play. Plus, the Korg microKey comes with Korg’s M1 Le Software , EzDrummer Lite and Lounge Lizard Session, so you can start making music right away! And the Korg microKey accurately conveys the dynamic of your performance to any music software plug-in. The portable keyboard weight merely 2.21 lbs. Compact Controller and 2-Port USB Hub in One!

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