Embodme ERAE II Expressive MIDI Controller Now Available to Preorder

Embodme has announced that the ERAE II – an updated version of their expressive MIDI controller – is now available to pre-order.

They say that ERAE II reacts “from the lightest touch to the fastest strokes”. It features 16,000 force sensors, with sub-millimetre XY precision, both in relative and absolute mode, with enhanced sensor linearity for stable and continuous finger slides.

It also offers 24 analog outputs – making it a powerful controller for analog and modular gear.


  • Erae Touch is a polyphonic MIDI Controller & Looper. It can be used as the master device to control all your hardware synthesizer, modular gear and software instruments.
  • Add polyphonic portamentos, slides and after-touch to your musical creative process.
  • Control multiple sound parameters with a single touch and explore new possibilities on your favorite synthesizers.
  • Record segments of music and play them back with ERAE II’s 8-track looper. You can define duration, quantization and BPM, overwrite and overdub expressive features. Every gesture recorded on the fly is replayed visually, creating a show for the eyes.
  • ERAE II features 24 (12 dual) configurable analog outputs, to be used as CV/Gate, drum triggers, and bipolar modulation CV controls.
  • Customizable ‘skins’ – ERAE II features a unique skin that connects the sensors to your fingers. This material is designed to provide the perfect gliding sensation, with just the right amount of softness and the organic feel of fabric. This skin can be replaced in just a few minutes.
  • Create custom layouts with the free companion software, ERAE Lab. Customize your interface with musical elements such as isomorphic keygrids, keyboards, or control elements with fader and buttons.
  • An ‘open canvas’ – The API is a custom sysex library with messages enabling you to take full control of the ERAE II detection points and LEDs states.
  • Expressive arpeggiator – All the arpeggiator parameters (rate, octave range, note length, pattern, steps, velocity) can be mapped to expressive gestures (after touch, slide, portamentos).

ERAE II Gestures:

ERAE II Looper:

The ERAE II is available to pre-order for €699 ex. VAT (normally €799 ex. VAT), with delivery planned for Fall 2024.


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