Arturia MICROLAB Midi Controller Keyboard



Arturia’s latest MIDI keyboard controller, the MicroLab. A super portable, 25-key velocity-sensitive MIDI keyboard, this promises several features that set it apart from the rest of the mini ketboard.


What is so unique about the Arturia MicroLab?


Let us look at the keys, the velocity-sensitive keys are of the same slim design as those on Arturia’s KeyStep controller, and given their size, is reasonably playable. A Hold button can be used to add sus-tain, while a push of the Shift key takes you into Chord mode. This enables you to program a chord and then play it back with a single finger.The Modulation and pitchbend are covered by dedicated touch strips which can also be used to browse and select presets, and you can switch MIDI channels using the dedicated knob and numbered keys.


The features – There is a rubberised shell to protect the MicroLab from bumps and scrapes, to ensure that the keyboard does not slip about when you are using it on a plane or train tray table and the keys are slightly recessed into the body so that nothing sticks out beyond the case. This would enable it easier to pack the Arturia MicroLab away in a backpack.


In addition, there is a recess that can store the supplied USB cable, and since this does not stick out when it is plugged in, you can push the MicroLab right up against other gear. The Arturia MicroLab includes  3 software titles for free, too: Analog Lab Lite, which contains 600 classic synth, organ and pi-ano presets; the UVI Grand Piano Model D, a sampled Steinway instrument; and an 8-track version of Bitwig.


The MicroLab comes is three colour options – Black, Blue and Orange, and is now available at $69/€69. It could end up being a big seller.




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