Yamaha EZ-300 Beginners Keyboard with Lighted Keys

Yamaha EZ-300 arriving just in time for the holiday season.

The Yamaha EZ-300 is an electronic keyboard with a difference. The instrument is a light-up electronic keyboard that helps beginners learn to play. It has the usual built-in accompaniments and lets you trigger chords with a single finger, but its big USP is a light-up keyboard that promises to make it easy to learn to play, just by following the lights.

Choose from 140 built-in songs and add more as MIDI files:

You select one of 140 songs and you can then play along just by following the lights on the 61 touch-sensitive keys. Further assistance is at hand with the Keys To Success feature, which divides songs up into shorter phrases known as Steps, which enable you can literally practise sections a Step at a time, with the option to slow down the tempo to make learning even easier.

Built-in sounds include pianos, organs, synths, strings, brass, percussion and guitars, and there are also SuperArticulation Light Voices that add gestures – pizzicato plucks on a violin.

If you want more songs, you can download MIDI files from the Yamaha online shop and then import them via USB from a Mac or PC.

The Yamaha EZ-300 Yamaha EZ-300 Kit available now.


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  1. admin said

    am November 16 2020 @ 7:49 pm

    The perfect beginners keyboard to make learning and playing easy. You will be playing as soon as you turn it on, even if you have never played before, just by following the lights!

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