Elektron launches Analog Heat +FX Dynamic Sound Processor

Elektron turns up the Analog Heat with a new +FX model of the acclaimed stereo distortion processor.

Released in 2016, Elektron Analog Heat offered eight stereo analogue distortion circuits, and could be used for both “enhancing and destroying” your audio. A second-gen version in 2018 offered a few hardware improvements.

Swedish musical instrument company Elektron today introduced Analog Heat +FX, described as “a dynamic sound processor”.

The eight stereo distortion circuits are still here – as is the stereo multimode analogue filter and 2-band stereo analogue EQ Analog Heat +FX also offers digital effects: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Warble, Bits Compressor and Bass focus.  You can also reorder effects to create custom signal paths and timbres, and your patches can be saved in the 512 preset slots.

It also includes a variety of modulation options, an assignable envelope generator/envelope follower with two destinations, and three assignable LFOs, each with two destinations.

Analog Heat +FX offers an OLED screen, MIDI In/Out/Thru, various audio output and two CV/Expression pedal input jacks. It’s Overbridge-enabled and runs as a class-compliant USB audio interface.

The Analog Heat +FX is an all-around sound coloring and manipulation box. It gives you a wide color palette of processing possibilities:

  • Add warmth, depth and character with eight fully analog stereo distortion circuits – ranging from a subtle clean boost to complete annihilation.
  • Shape and carve your material using the multi-mode filter. Select from 7 filter types, like classic lowpass and high pass, as well as a bandpass, notch or peak.
  • Fine tune, add and subtract your lows and highs using a 2-band adaptable EQ.
  • “Fracture” your sound using the noise gate.


  • Sound processing
    • 8 stereo analog distortion circuits
    • Stereo analog multi-mode filter (7 filter types)
    • 2-band adaptable stereo analog EQ
    • Noise Gate
    • Reverb
    • Delay
    • Chorus
    • Warble
    • Bits
    • Compressor
    • Bass focus
  • Modulation
    • 1 assignable envelope generator/envelope follower with two destinations
    • 3 assignable LFO (with two destinations per LFO)
  • Storage
    • 512 user preset slots

Find out more on the Elektron website.

Analog Heat +FX is available to purchase from the Elektron website or from Amazon for $999.


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