EarthQuaker Devices Spatial Delivery V3 Envelope Filter Updated with User Presets

EarthQuaker Devices has released an updated version of its Spatial Delivery V3 voltage-controlled envelope filter, adding six available preset slots to store user-preferred settings.

In addition to recalling your settings, the expression jack assignment can be saved and recalled so that the sounds you dial in are readily available with a tap of the switch.

The compact pedal has three modes, with switchable Up Sweep, Down Sweep, and Sample & Hold functions, along with Range, Resonance and Filter controls. You can create wild filter sweeps with the Up and Down modes and adjust the Range to control the sensitivity and reaction time of the envelope, which alters the width of the frequency sweep. The higher the Range and harder the attack equals a faster reaction time and higher frequency sweep and vice versa.

In Sample & Hold mode, the filter is controlled by random voltage and the Range controls the speed. The filter can be crossfaded between high pass, band pass and low pass for a wide variety of voices. The Resonance control goes from zero to the brink of oscillation and adds more body and ring to the filter voice.


  • Voltage-controlled envelope filter with three modes:
  • Up Sweep: Sweeps the filter up
  • Down Sweep: Sweeps the filter down
  • Sample & Hold: The filter is controlled by random voltage and the Range controls the speed
  • Range, Filter, and Resonance knobs dial in the sound in each of
  • the 3 modes
  • Easily save and recall six user-assignable presets
  • Switch effortlessly between Live Mode and Preset Mode
  • User-assignable expression control
  • True bypass
  • Silent relay-based switching with Flexi-Switch® Technology
  • Lifetime warranty

Audio demos of Spatial Delivery used with synths are available at the Earthquaker Devices website.

Spatial Delivery is available now for $199.



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