AVP Synth Quadwave Multi FX Now Available to Pre-Order



AVP Synth has introduced the Quadwave Multi FX, a compact analog/hybrid effects unit, featuring an analog phaser and 4 separate delays, allowing for all kinds of sound manipulations.


AVP says that the combination of the phaser with 4 delays lets you create wide, ethereal landscapes, both in the studio and live. The repeats in Delay 2 allow the input signal to self-oscillate into ‘crazy’ feedback modulation, especially mixed with the LFO delay section (tape mangling effect).





  • 1 analog phaser with LFO and manual/cv control
  • 2 separate stereo hybrid delays, with additional LFO delay
  • 20 knobs/controls for different parameter settings
  • Control range lets you also create Chorus and Reverb type effects
  • 3.5 mm individual CV input for manual control of the phaser modulation
  • 6.3 mm mix outputs (Left and Right)
  • 6.3 mm Inputs (Main, Delay 1 and Delay 2)
  • Steel enclosure


The AVP Synth Quadwave Multi FX is available to pre-order for  400€ .





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