Yamaha PSR-E333 Portable Keyboard

Yamaha unveiled a wide array of exciting new products at Winter NAMM 2011, and one of its newest products is Yamaha’s E-Series keyboard, the PSR-E333 Portable Keyboard. The PSR-E333 is designed for music beginners with an eco-friendly feature. The Yamaha PSR-E333 features 61-key touch response keyboard, Max. 32 Voices Polyphony, Effects; Reverb 9 types and Chorus 4 types, Ultra-wide Stereo, 497 high quality instrument Voices, 106 preset accompaniment Styles, 102 preset Songs, Portable Grand button, new power saving mode, Yamaha Education Suite lessons (Y.E.S), custom LCD Display.

With touch responsive keyboard, the robust PSR-E333 responds like an acoustic piano i.e., striking a key harder will produce a louder sound while striking it softer will produce a softer sound. The PSR-E333 is the first entry-level keyboard in its range to incorporates Ultra-Wide Stereo, thanks to Yamaha’s pioneered sound projector technology. The new Ultra-Wide Stereo DSP button creates the same 3D sense of space you would experience with an elite surround sound system. Similarly, the PSR-E333 comes with top-quality digital effects, like 9 reverb effects and 4 chorus effects, to enrich your performance. Besides the grand piano sound, the multitude (497) of stringed instrument voices are amazingly realistic. Performers can select any instrument Voices, accompaniment Styles and digital effects to enhance performance or alternatively, select Yamaha’s grand piano sound, as well as set up the keyboard to play as a piano. The keyboard instrument allows you to record, mix and simulate your songs with accompaniments – great for making music and practicing. Additionally, the PSR-E333 has on-board 102 songs and an advanced set of Yamaha Education Suite lessons. Music beginners can teach themselves to play the songs and perform using this advanced set of helpful learning tools – very systematic and interactive piano lesson system and chord dictionary. The new power saving function turns off the power automatically to avoid wastage if the keyboard has not been used for a set amount of time.

The robust Yamaha PSR-E333 Portable Keyboard is at an incredibly affordable package. A user-friendly yet, feature-laden portable music keyboard that will give you and your family years of musical enjoyment. Weight merely 4.9 kg and can operates on 6-AA batteries. If you are looking for an entry-level portable keyboard, the PSR-E333 is a perfect choice. The Yamaha PSR-E333 portable keyboard Enrich, Educate, Entertain, and Empower.
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