Roland VK-8 Combo Organ

The Roland VK-8 Combo Organ features cool new “Waterfall” style keyboard with velocity-sensitive keys. The VK-8 comes in 61-key single-manual combo organ and enhanced Virtual Tone Wheel technology. The Portable VK-8 weight 32 lbs with 3 different vintage organ sounds to choose from: vintage 1, vintage 2 and clean,  and incorporating COSM® technology to boost the unique sound of a rotary speaker.

Roland got its priorities right; prudent, detailed and improved.  By focusing on each of the components involved in the sound generating process rather than just the sounding system and leaving no detail untouched. You can now have the most detailed response not only in what you hear but also to how it feels playing the instrument. There is also a futuristic D-Beam controller, which lets you create effects from tone wheel motor stops to the shock sound of spring reverb using an infrared beam of light, making it a new leader in combo organs.

I understand that improving any instrument or sounding system takes thousands of man hours, therefore, I believe this combo organ will give you as much fun to play and even better when you carry them with you to a gig.  BlogUniverse

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