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The New Hammond XK-1 is Hammond’s latest Pro Keyboard project. This amazing Pro Keyboard like the B3 and XK3 is powered by the critically acclaimed VASE III Digital tone wheel generator plus a host of other essential features familiar to the Hammond Keyboard Players, like ‘real’ drawbars, Waterfall keys, on board twin rotor digital ‘Leslie’ and many more.

The XK-1 features 61-note Waterfall keys keyboard with Velocity, and at only 15 kg it has becomes an essential for gigging keyboardists. If you have ever played a console before this is the original. The sounds are so close that it is like the sound of the real Hammond, if you have ever heard and experienced the power of a real Hammond. Leslie simulation and programmability is fantastic. As for programmability the draw bars registration are the same as the B and C, other parameters are all well laid out.

As the Hammond XK-1 is a single manual keyboard, the key split is nice and the bass to the lower keys give you that extra thump you need when you don’t have the midi foot pedals attached. Amazingly, the portable keyboard cost less than half the price of Hammond XK3. Unbelievable! but true.

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