Zoom’s new AMS Audio interfaces are perfect for modern musicians

Zoom is attempting to differentiate its new AMS models by saying that they’re perfect for the modern musician who also does a bit of streaming as well. Regardless whether you’re recording or performing to the world, they should have you covered

The new AMS audio interfaces – AMS-22, AMS- 24 and AMS-44, can switch between music and streaming modes at the flick of a switch.


The AMS-22, the baby of the family, is a 2-in/2-out interface that has a single XLR/TRS combo input and a stereo line in, plus headphone and monitor outputs. It also boasts the aforementioned direct monitoring and loopback features.


The AMS-24 and AMS-44 feature a switch that enables you to flick instantly between music and streaming modes. In music mode, you can access expanded input and output routing options i.e, in streaming mode, all inputs are combined into a single signal for broadcasting.


The AMS-24 is a 2-in/2-out device that offers two XLR/TRS combo inputs with Zoom’s low-noise preamps. There are also two headphone outputs and two TRS outputs for external monitors.


The AMS-44 is very similar but, being a 4-in/4-out interface, it includes additional combo inputs.


Other features include direct monitoring and a Loopback switch that combines the input with playback from your computer – useful for adding background music to a stream or singing live over an instrumental track.


All three interfaces can be powered over USB or AC adapter, with the AMS-24 and AMS-44 also having an AA battery power option. There’s support for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

The AMS Audio interfaces are available. Find out more on the Zoom website.



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