Lewitt Connect 6 Audio Interface offers computer and mobile integration


Lewitt offers a step-change with new dual-USB Connect 6 audio interface that offers computer and mobile integration.

Like most years, 2022 has had its fair share of new audio interfaces, where manufacturers are trying to bring something different to the market, example –  M-Audio recently launched its console-friendly M-Game devices. And now, Lewitt – mic manufacturer has launched Connect 6.

The Connect 6 has a very distinctive appearance, not a generic-looking audio interface. There’s a cut-off corner and various raised ledges. Then there are the dual USB-C ports – one for your computer and another for your mobile device. So, enable you easily integrate your phone or tablet into your studio setup, with lossless audio transfer between that and your computer.

The idea is that this will enables you to stream audio directly to the likes of TikTok and Instagram, or capture audio from your phone.

In addition, Connect 6 includes many familiar audio interface features, including the two low-noise preamps with XLR/Line combo jacks (these promise 72dB of preamp gain), 3.5mm aux input, L/R line outs and dual headphone jacks.

Additionally, there’s audio-setup for “optimal settings in any recording environment,” and you get three latency-free DSP-powered effects (Compressor, Equaliser and Expander).

The Control Center software, can be used for routing, mixing and loopback purposes.

The Connect 6 is available now priced at $299/£259. Find out more on the Lewitt website.

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