Audiomovers Inject Plugin introduced at 2023 NAMM Show

At The 2023 NAMM Show, Audiomovers introduced Inject Plugin. Audiomovers’ Inject plugin brings multi-device audio I/O to your DAW, and you won’t need to change the playback engine. Use it to record USB or iOS synths and to output to different monitor setups.

Switching between connected audio devices in your DAW inevitably means waiting for your computer to literally ‘work out the ins and outs’ of what you’re doing. However, Audiomovers’ Inject could put an end to this delay forever.

An increasing number of producers, podcasters and streamers are having to deal with multiple input and output devices, but selecting between them is usually a chore, and can disrupt your workflow. Get us with our first world audio issues.

Inject looks like it might make dealing with multiple devices that bit easier by completely bypassing the dreaded audio playback engine selection page. You choose which audio device to connect to your audio software, and you do this without going anywhere near the System Preferences menu.

Inject is a VST/AU/AAX Mac and PC plugin that communicates with your connected audio devices – interfaces, USB synths, iOS devices or any devices. Insert it on a track as an audio effect, select which one you want from a dropdown menu and you’re good to go. No need to unplug and replug devices, configure your DAW or do anything else.

“Inject lets creativity flow unimpeded by making it easy to introduce new sources into a DAW,” says Igor Maxymenko, Audiomovers’ Cofounder. “It’s the simple solution to a host of applications that were previously complicated or potentially time consuming to implement.”

Inject appears to act like a master audio driver and recorder, and one that enables audio routing between all connected audio devices and running audio applications.

Whatever, it could herald the end of one of the most frustrating parts of using a DAW for music. We often blame those seven seconds we have to wait – while our computer spins its processors looking for inputs – for our complete lack of musical output during a session. Inject is available for $149.99 but has a limited time introductory price of $99.99. More information are available at the Audiomovers website

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