Yamaha TYROS 3 Arranger

The Yamaha Tyros3 features a vast range of voice technologies from Organ, Piano, Guitar, Trumpet, Accordion to Saxophone, just to name a few. Tyros3 has Yamaha’s FSX (Flight Simulator X) keyboard actions, 61-key and touch sensitive.Tyros3’s Super Articulation 2 gives you a direct control of the original instrument real vibrator and a detailed control of musical expression of each voice. There are 450 Styles (Pop & Rock, Latin, Swing & Jazz, Country and many more) to choose from and they are suitable for both beginners as well as professional musicians because Styles follows a player’s chord progressions.

Tyros3 other features includes:- Music Finder, Music Finder+, One Touch Setting, Registration Memory and Score Display. Music finder is a popular feature which allows you to search your favorite songs on the Music Finder song list. Whereas, Music Finder+ assists you to search for songs not on the list, by accessing to songs library online. Thereafter, the sheet music of your selected song will be downloaded directly to Tyros3’s display by internet direct connection. The OTS (One Touch Setting) feature provides four different professionally created registration for each Style. Just select a Style and the One Touch Setting and you can start playing the keyboard.

The Tyros3’s Registration Memory can store virtually unlimited Voices, Sounds and Effects. You can set what is stored and recalled. A single press of a button and you can recall. Tyros3 is compatible with all SMF (Standard Midi File) song software. Score (notation) display in TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display screen can be enhance by changing score size, adding note name, coloring the pitches and so forth. The Tyros3 can bring out the best in each voice, styles and it is also user friendly. Though the price range is on the higher side compared with other branded Arranger workstation but, to all professional musicians take a closer view of TYROS3.

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