Casio SA-75 Mini Home Keyboard

Mini keyboard and

Mini keyboard with Microphone headset

The Casio SA-75 Mini Keyboard is great for kids who love to hammer the keys. However, the keyboard is designed not just for children but also beginning musicians. The SA-75 package comes with a Microphone headset, thanks to Casio. This hands free microphone makes playing much easier.

The Casio SA-75 Mini Keyboard features 37 keys, 100 PCM Tones, 30 accompaniment Patterns which comprises of 10 Rhythms,10 Free sessions and 10 Funny modes, 4- note polyphonic and10 Tunes. Though Mini in size but, comes with LCD screen and Musical Information Display System, whereby On-screen music staff displaying notes played and icons indicates the beat. This musical instrument has an option for players to turn-off the melody and concentrate on playing songs with notation. There are 2 built-in Speakers but players should be aware that there is no line out or headphone jack. Players have an option to run the SA-75 Mini Keyboards on 5-AA batteries or AC adapter, which are not included in the package.

Children can learn about chords and melodies simultaneously because this keyboard can produce 4 notes at once. The quality of sound is unexpected though it runs on 5-AA batteries. The very low volume is still high so it is great for children and the new generation. Taking into considerations the features, it is unbelievable that this musical instrument cost slightly more than a toy keyboard.


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