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Live Drum ‘n Bass with Robotic Drums + Modular Synthesizers

The video captures a live performance by New Zealand live drum & bass act, MachineMind.

Controlled by ‘The Conductor’, MachineMind features an array of self-built, self-playing robotic percussion instruments that can play with impossible complexity, speed, and endurance.

In addition to the robotic drumming, MachineMind features live, dynamic processing of the drums, and analog modular synthesizers.

“10 years ago shared my robotic drum ‘n bass setup that your readers seemed to enjoy,” notes Jason from MachineMind. “So I thought I’d submit an update that a decade later, it’s now evolved into a new live show ‘MachineMind’.

Technical Details:

The performance features a rare full AvonSynth modular setup on stage, and a range of new and improved drum robots that are mic’d up and processed in real-time with live DSP through a Kyma system.



Old School Sounds on the Steelphon S900 And Mellotron M400

A repair shop in the Cincinnati area, Foleytronics, shared this Berlin School style synth jam, featuring the rare Steelphon S900 synthesizer and a Mellotron M400 tape playback keyboard.

What they say about the gear:


“This is a demo of Tom’s Steelphon that got whooped by UPS – broken circuit boards, broken MDF case, no output. We took the case to be reproduced by Kent Meloy of Tunguska Guitars and in the meantime went to town on the electronics. There isn’t a schematic available anywhere, but after getting the rails back and the keyboard CV working, there was still no output. I isolated it to the filter board and realized the VCF is a Moog copy, component-for-component, so I used a Minimoog schematic to help troubleshoot the problem.

The Mellotron is mine and has undergone quite a bit of work. New pinch rollers, new motor control board, rebuilt the PSU, and fabbed a new key as one was missing.”




The Farfisa Super Synthaccordion is A Rare, ‘Crazy Beast’

An in-depth look at Farfisa Super Synthaccordion, Farfisa’s most advanced Combo Organ/Accordion ever built.

In this video Keegan “Krazy Keegan” Meuris – the Combo Organ Tech at Chicago Electric Piano – demonstrates Farfisa’s most advanced Combo Organ/Accordion ever built, the Farfisa Super Synthaccordion.

Meuris offers a comprehensive overview of the Super Synthaccordion, including features, history and audio demos.

Watch the video and share your thoughts on it in the comments!