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Eventide H9000 Now Supports RNBO Patch Import

Eventide has announced a cooperative project with Cycling ’74 that lets Max programmers to use the RNBO environment to create patches for Eventide’s flagship H9000 multi-effects processor.

Cycling ’74 RNBO (pronounced ‘rainbow’) is a ‘what you hear is what you get’ patching environment that lets you use a visual editor to create audio patches that can be exported to create web experiences, hardware music devices, audio plugins, and more.

With the addition of RNBO support, Eventide H9000 owners can develop and run new effects of their own creation on the H9000.

“Bringing RNBO to Eventide’s H9000 offers our users the ability to deploy their personal creations to an incredible DSP engine, alongside a wealth of existing effects,” says Cycling 74 CEO David Zicarelli. “We’re excited to introduce this option for RNBO users seeking the ultimate hardware platform for code export.”

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Recreating Edgar Winter’s ‘Frankenstein’ Synth Solo

Synthesist/Sound designer Anthony Marinelli – In his latest video – tackles recreating the classic synth solo of Edgar Winter‘s Frankenstein using his ARP 2600.

He covers the solo sound of Frankenstein, the bass sound + the iconic percussive sound effects.

While Anthony Marinelli uses an ARP 2600, most of what he covers is relevant to the various reissues, clones and knockoffs that are now available. Note his discussion of the unique pitch bend of the original ARP keyboard, which is important to recreating the expression of Winter’s monster solo.


Live Berlin School Performance, ‘Analog Crabs’

Synthesist Karol Pokojowczyk (Caught in Joy) shared this live Berlin School style performance, Analog crabs, from his album La chica de la playa.

“These live electronic music performances blend elements of the ’70s electronica, dark ambient, minimal and Berlin School,” Pokojowczyk notes, “Performed right at my home studio, featuring various Moog synthesizers, such as Moog One, Matriarch, Mavis, Prophet-10, and modular synths in the Eurorack format. Each instrument is intricately patched using some diverse guitar pedals to enhance the ambience and mood.”