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Behringer shares Pro VS Mini Audio Demo

Behringer today shared a video demo for their upcoming Pro VS Mini synthesizer, showcasing a range of sounds.

The Pro VS is a four-voice mini-synth with a voice architecture that’s inspired by the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Digital Vector Synthesizer. It offers 127 wave tables, 32 presets plus sequencer, arpeggiator, and display with oscilloscope.

The company originally introduced the Pro VS in February of 2022. More than a year later, it is shipping from their factory now.

Pro VS Mini is price at $99


Numerical Audio introduces Artifacts LoFi Processor for iOS

Numerical Audio has introduced Artifacts for iOS, an audio effect designed to add “lofi vibes” to any audio signal.

Multiple sections allow for a wide variety of lofi effects, ranging from noisy vintage gear over crackling vinyl players and wobbly tape machines to crunchy digital sounds.

Artifacts features dedicated sections for Noise, Drive, Digital and Tape. A separate Liveliness section lets you apply subtle or extreme fluctuations to any of the 4 sections.

In addition, input and output sections allow for further sound shaping, before and after processing.


  • Noise section
    • Noise
    • Electrical (Hum / Whine)
    • Crackling
    • Color Control
    • Ducking
  • Drive Section
    • Tone
    • Gain
    • 3 Drive Models
  • Digital
    • Bit Depth Reduction
    • Sampling Rate Reduction
    • Glitch
  • Tape
    • Wow
    • Flutter
    • Dropouts (Tape Wear / Bias)
    • Stereo Control
  • Supports:
    • Standalone
    • AUv3

Artifacts is available on the Apple App Store at a discounted price of $6.99 through August 3rd (normally $9.99).

SOMA Labs Terra ‘Conceptual Touch Synthesizer’ review

The latest Sonic Lab video offers an in-depth review of the SOMA Labs Terra synthesizer, an instrument that they describe as a “highly conceptual device”.

“The results are pretty unusual,” notes host Nick Batt, “although, you can easily tune Terra to be in key if you want to play with others.”

Topics covered:

00:00 – Start

00:30 – overview

04:06 – Sounds 1

10:44 – Loading patches

12:46 – Modifying patches

14:06 – Transpose Buttons

19:26 – Drum patch

20:35 – Algorithms

25:13 – Arpeggiator

26:48 – Playing Terra

30:27 – Midi Control

33:40 – Conclusion

Watch the video SOMA Terra review and let us know what you think of it in the comments.